Econ pool can undertake all types of billiard table cloth recovers, English pool, American pool, Carom or other (Please note: We no longer recover snooker tables). We carry Strachen 6811 napped green snooker and pool cloth in stock along with basic cut sizes in most colours for 7' English pool tables and cushions. We carry cloth for American pool tables in green standard quality although we have access to other colours and qualities if needed.

We are continually recovering tables, mostly snooker, English pool and American pool tables, so we know what we are doing! Quality cloth is not cheap, we ourselves would never spend money on a quality cloth then not make sure we had the table covered properly, why would you? Don't join the others on the Costa del Sol who have spent a lot of money on cloth then not ended up with their billiard table covered to a profesional standard.

Snooker table cloth is now generally fitted onto the cushions using staples while the cloth around the slate should still be fitted onto the slates timber slats using upholsterers tacks. The reason for using upholsterers tacks to attach the bed cloth of a snooker table is for two reasons, 1) To get the cloth to fit around the middle pocket area of the slate it may need to be released and then stretching several times in some areas when covering. 2) Because the cloth will generally need re stretched after a period of time. Having the cloth held on by tacks means it can be released and re tacked easily for stretching. The time for snooker cloth re stretching depends on several factors such as usage and humidity.
Most of the tacks are left with their heads proud so a tack remover can be used to quickly release the tack when needed during fitting or replacement, another reason for not using staples on the bed cloth is because the cloth is under quite a lot of tension, pressure from the stapler tongue can cut the cloth... so using staples is not the way to fit an English snooker table cloth although from what we can see on our travels some people seem to think it is!. Please note: We no longer undertake snooker table recovers.

English pool table cloth is generally stapled to the cushions and glued to the edge of the slate, some companies use spray glue for this but we ourselves prefer the old fashions way of just brushing the glue on, this way the glue goes where we want it to go and the recover time on cleaning the slate when we next recover is cut down. We also find using a quality contact adhesive makes for a much stronger bond that given when using spray glues.

American pool table cloth is generally stapled onto the cushions while stapled to a timber slat around the slate, there tend to be more options on American tables, some tables have the cloth glued to the slate and SAM have a velcro system (Setax system).

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