Jukeboxes have been around for years, supplying music through jukeboxes in public places is making a come back in the UK where more and more pubs are installing them, the same is happening in other EU countries and even further afield, what better way of offering your customers up to date music along with some added income for your business.

Digital jukebox operators in Spain need to be authorised by AGEDI under Spanish law. We have AGEDI authorisation as a digital Jukebox operator to exploit jukeboxes containing digital musical content supplied through our AGEDI approved music content supplier. Each of our Jukeboxes is marked with a unique serial number which is registered along with that units location to AGEDI on the day of installation so if an inspector calls at your premises they can check the serial against our registered units, within a couple of weeks a license certificate will be issued for displaying on the exterior of the jukebox.

A jukebox 'which involves payment' for playing musical content that is located in a public place in Spain needs to be operated by a jukebox operator that has AGEDI approval and carry musical content from a registered AGEDI music provider, if this is not the case then the jukebox could be illegal and the jukebox operator breaking the law. More important information

Note: The PPL in the UK does NOT cover licensing for jukebox music content for use in Spain, this is contrary to what other jukebox suppliers in Spain may try and lead you to believe!

Jukebox advantages:

  • Bar or Pub Jukeboxes can offer extra revenue for the premises.
  • Well operated jukeboxes can offer a music solution for public premises where they have access to 'up to date' music and charts, they can contain popular tracks suited to your business clientele.
  • Musical content can be arranged to suit your customers, it can be supplied from various genre with access to musical content libraries for music in English, Spanish, Danish, Finish, French etc. it can include Latin, Hard Rock, Country, Folk, Oldies, Blues & Jazz, Crooner, etc.
  • Jukeboxes also supply background music for your bar but if a customer wants to hear a certain track from the jukebox then they can.
  • Request tracks, if you want us to add a song that is not on one of our Jukeboxes let us know and we will add that track to the Jukebox... hopefully on the next update.

Track request form:

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Jukebox options

All of our profit share digital Jukeboxes come with the following options:

  • High quality TouchHits units.
  • Easy to use touchscreen interface.
  • Intuitive track searching.
  • In-built Top 50 music chart.
  • Background music scheduler.
  • Track request feature.
  • Regular music updates.

The wall fitted units are unobtrusive, these measure 55cm wide x 70cm high x 18cm deep.

Econ Touchhits classic hits jukebox

If you are interested in having a 'legal' digital Jukebox with regular music updates on profit share in your business on the Costa del Sol or have any questions regarding this then just give us a call on: 609 504 427

Jukebox legalities:

IMPORTANT: If your Jukebox operator has not entered agreement with an approved musical content supplier and AGEDI (Intellectual Rights Management Association) to supply musical content in agreement with Spanish law, then the musical content of that jukebox is illegal

If the jukebox in your bar does not carry an AGEDI issued certificate with that jukeboxes ID number, location address and name within 4 weeks of being installed in your premises then it is most likely the jukebox is not legal!

We are AGEDI contracted to operate Jukeboxes and undertake digital music updates supplied by our AGEDI authorised content supplier to digital Jukeboxes in Spain. Every legal jukebox in Spain that plays music to the public will carry an AGEDI certificate to proove that unit is licensed to that premises it is located in. We make monthly payments for musical updates (Paid from Jukebox earnings), the bar owner will need to pay AGEDI-AIE (Joint collecting body for Producers and Performers) for playing music in his/her local, as they are currently legally bound to do in any business that plays music to the public in any way through T.V., Radio, Record player, Computer, CD, Jukebox etc. AGEDI takes 51% of this payment while 49% goes to the AIE (Society for Intellectual Property Rights).

Any business (bar/cafe or otherwise) who play music to the public through any device is oblidged by law to pay a monthly payment to AGEDI-AIE.


We are a legally approved jukebox operator in Spain. Profit share Jukeboxes on the Costa del sol. Hire a jukebox Costa del sol. We supply our jukeboxes in Fuengirola, Torremolinos, Benalmadena, Marbella, Estepona, Mijas, Mijas Costa, La Cala de Mijas, Sotogrande, Nerja, Torrox, Malaga... in fact we supply our jukeboxes to most of the Costa del Sol. ECON Pool & snooker.