Econ pool and snooker can undertake both small and major billiard table slate repairs, we have repaired various table slates on the Costa del Sol, on this page you can see some information and images from some pool and snooker table slate repairs we have undertaken.

In general it is extremely difficult to repair a slate so it is exactly as it was before it was broken although generally in most cases if the project is undertaken properly the slate should play as well as it did before it was broken or damaged but we guarantee that if anyone where to play on a table whose slate we have repaired that the player will not know the slate has been repaired unless they are told.
One of the main secrets of repairing a slate as best and flat as possible is to spend a lot of time in the preparation of the damaged slate before the bonding compound is used to bond all of the pieces together, once the bonding compound has been applied the slate pieces cannot be moved, once set there there is no way back and before the bonding resin has been applied the slate sections must all be flat and at exactly the same level, any slight difference will mean the slate will not actually have a flat surface which is not much good to the player.