|Fantastic snooker players movies|Over the years we have seen some fantastic snooker players and the magic they can perform on the green baise. Players of today and of the past have had their own brilliance, some that came naturally such as in players like Jimmy White and Alex 'Hurricane' Higgins, they where just spell bounding with their jaw dropping brilliance. The players which came after Jimmy and Alex where also fantastic although some may say not as exiting to watch.. I will leave that up to you to decide.

This page lists short movies of some of these players in Action, sadly the older movies are not such good quality as the later ones but still fantastic to watch.|Text3|The brilliance of it all!

Snooker player movie 1

Alex 'Hurricane' Higgins v's Peter Francisco

Snooker player movie 2

Alex Higgins - Jimmy White 1982, end of final Last Frame.

Snooker player movie 3

Alex 'Hurricane' Higgins v's Ray Reardon

Snooker player movie 4

Jimmy White v's Tony Drego - 147 break by Jimmy at the crucible 1992

Snooker player movie 5

Jimmy White v's Kirk Stevens - Jimmy White shows some of his screw shot brilliance

Snooker player movie 6

Ronnie O'Sullivan 147 at the 2008 Snooker World Championship

Snooker player movie 7

Stephen Hendry 147 Snooker World Championship 2009

Snooker player movie 8

Jimmy White's incredible masse shot of all time.

Snooker player movie 9

Neil Robertson Exhibition Shot

Snooker player movie 10

Jimmy White 118 break v's Mark Williams

Snooker player movie 11

Alex Higgins some great pots and some of the luck of the Irish!

Snooker player movie 12

John Higgins 147 Break - March 2010

Snooker player movie 13

Ronnie O'Sullivan v's John Higgins Embassy World Final 2001