Snooker tables by A Phillips, Riley and FCSnooker. Snooker table services in Spain, Giraltar, Portugal and Morocco.

The tables we sell are genuine tables from FC Snooker or Riley, these tables are made from solid mahogany, oak, sapele or maple.

The quality snooker tables supplied by us use solid kiln dried timber, ground slate bed and match-play rubber as standard. Do not take any chances when you purchase your snooker table, a snooker table can be a large investment.
Installing a snooker table needs to be done by a professional company who know how to install them properly... do not make mistakes, many people do not understand how important it is to use a professional company to assemble or do work on their snooker table.

We do not carry new tables in stock in Spain, it does not make economical sense to do this as the cost of transporting sizes and weights that are involved in snooker tables can be excessive so tables are delivered directly to your address from the UK, this way you do not pay for double transportation. [ More information on snooker sales, A. Phillips ] [ More information on snooker sales, FCSnooker ] [ More information on snooker sales, only Riley tables ] We undertake all snooker table maintenance and services, recovering, re leveling, replacing pocket leathers, nets and balls rails. We stock most accessories for snooker, scoreboards, hald butts, full butts, cross rests, spider rests and cues. [ More information on services ]

Profit share

Profit share pool tables, our service is probably the best on the coast, we offer fortnightly service calls, regular recovers and a first class service:

  • Pool tables
  • Snooker tables
  • Football tables
  • Mendoza hot nuts vending

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We undertake fairly much every possible repair that a billiard table would ever need:

  • Table recovers
  • Replace cushion rubber
  • Repair of table components
  • Repair of damaged slate
  • Restoration
  • Retipping of cues

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We can supply English pool tables, American pool tables and British made Snooker tables:

  • Pool tables
  • Snooker tables
  • Football tables
  • Accessories
  • Cloth

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We supply professional snooker table services, snooker table sales. Genuine A Phillips snooker tables, Genuine FCsnooker snooker tables and Genuine Riley snooker tables in Spain, Gibraltar and Portugal. Mesas de snooker en espana. Snooker tables Madrid, Barcelona, Marbella, Snooker Estepona, Malaga. Professional snooker tables services in Spain. Quality snooker tables Marbella.

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