At times we come across second hand pool, snooker tables and other games, anything we have will be listed on this page including any new tables or games that we might be trying to clear from stock and so being sold at special offer prices.

If you are interested in a second hand pool table and there are none currently listed then please check back, we tend to sell the items on this page at very low prices to clear them so if you are interested in something then you will probably need to move fast as bargains do not hang around on this page for long, pool tables generally are sold within a week of being posted here!

Prices shown on this page are not shown inclusive of IVA at 21%.


Hi Mike,

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you for doing such a great job, the table looks fantastic.

I cannot tell you how refreshing it is to meet someone who runs their business professionally and efficiently here.

Anyway, thanks again.....

Mrs. N. G.
Sotogrande, CDS

I have played in the Nerja League for a few years now and have to say what a difference your well maintained tables have made to the standards of play and enjoyment over this last year, long may you prosper...

Mr. B. R.
Nerja, CDS


Just a short note to let you know how delighted I was with the work you did erecting the snooker table. All I need now is the time to use and enjoy it!

Mr. M. W.
Urb. La Zagaleta,
San Pedro, CDS

(1) Ref: EGU 10 - Valley Cougar pool table

This is a used 7 foot Cougar American pool table with a coin op.

This table is in top condition
... and with a new American worsted cloth on both cushions and on the slate.

Supplied with:
1 x Set of used red and yellow balls
4 x New Economy cues
1 x box of chalk
1 x New Plastic triangle

Delivery costs would be depending on location and the access, easy access, no stairs and a location between Velex Malaga and Marbella would costs an additional 100€ for delivery and installation.

What are you waiting for? this will not be here for long!

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Price: 1500.00 Euros

(2) Ref: EGU 27 - USED FAS Football tables

We have 4 USED FAS Football tables in stock for sale, these range from 500€ to 1000€ and are ... invarious condition up to nearly new.

We can deliver if between Nerja and Sotogrande for an additional 80 Euros.

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Price: 500.00 Euros

(3) Ref: EGU 1 - Bar billiards table, NEW example table

Bar Billiards table with a coin mech. but can be set to free play.

This table is in NEW
... condition, it was bought for a site that never took advantage of it and has very few games played on it, so it is as NEW.

This table is generally sold here in Spain 'If you can get one that is!' at 1700 Euros, we are selling this one at 900 Euros 'COST PRICE DELIVERED TO SPAIN' so you are saving 600 Euros.

These generally sell in the UK at around £1300... then add the shipping to Spain!

We will transport and fit this table in the price if within 30K of Fuengirola.

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Price: 1100.00 Euros

(4) Ref: EGU 16 - Used Burroughs & Watts antique snooker table :: SOLD ::

This is a beautiful full size 1800's Burroughs & Watts antique snooker table in English Oak... with French Oak trim, this table has been restored to a beautiful condition recently. The table has been re polished along with new pocket leathers, nets and pocket rails.

Table complete with 4 new cues, new score board, new cloth, cue rack and new Amarith balls. The price does not include any light.

Antique tables are generally far superior to modern tables as they are made from solid timber, in this case solid Oak. Timber sizes are just not longer available to have legs turned from solid pieces, the same can be generally said for the table sides so these older tables have a much more robust feel about them than modern tables and a very sturdy construction. A buyer can have a superior table, a great looking antique that can give more than a life time of practical use at a price that is cheaper than even most of the lower priced tables.

The price for this table includes transport and erection within 50 kilometers of Fuengirola, the table can be viewed dismantled by appointment.

SOLD March 2011 - Table now unavailable

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Price: 5200.00 Euros

(5) Ref: EGU 20 - Used Full size Titan Snooker table (12 x 6) :: SOLD ::

Full size Titan snooker table in Mahogany color, this table is about 3 years old and in very good... condition, this is one of two Tital full size tables we have.

We understand this table has had about 18 months use, it is in good condition with a few very slight marks/knocks on some of the varnish which is normal, this is generally at the ends of the tables where the rest heads knock the table frame although as seen in the photo supplied this is hardly noticeable.

Tables will be supplied with a brand new cloth on the cushions and slate bed (West of England 6811 Club), new Aramith balls, new butt tackle, new rests, 3 x new cues, new wall cue support, new marker board and a new triangle (1000 Euros of brand new equipment supplied with this table including the cloth).

Do not miss this opportunity! you can save yourself 3000 Euros!
This table NEW in Spain has a price of just under 6000 Euros (5,780.00), the sale price of this table in the photo is 2800 Euros. (Table: 1800 plus 1000 of new accessories and new cloth - plus transport and fitting on top)

SOLD - Table now unavailable

This price included transport and fitting

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Price: 3300.00 Euros

(6) Ref: EGU 9 - 7' Omega Outback Exterior English pool table :: SOLD ::

:: SOLD ::
This is an ex profit share table, it is about 1 year old and is fairly much like
... new... the cloth shows signs of use (See image). This table is an exterior pool table with a plastic waterproof cover. If you want it recovered with a new cloth then we will put an exterior speed cloth on the table for 190 Euros more.

The table has a white coloured body with black legs, it comes with a set of used red and yellow balls, 4 cues and a triangle.

Comes with a 12 month guarantee.

This table is available right away. We can transport and install the table for a small charge relative to location or the table can be picked up by yourself.

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Price: 1150.00 Euros

(7) Ref: EGU 19 - Kiddies helicopter SOLD

SOLD We have a used kiddies helicopter for sale, this runs on a 220V transformed to 12V power... supply. The helicopter has a 1 Euro coin mech and plays a chopper sound when running. This is a used item although it works and could bring it's money back quickly if used just outside your bar.

The helicopter is generally in good condition, it has a plastic windscreen that has a couple of small cracks.

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Price: 340.00 Euros

(8) Ref: EGU 33 - 7' American pool table :: SOLD ::

:: SOLD :: This is a used 7' American pool table that is located in Fuengirola. This is a traditiona...l style American pool table that is in top condition and has been recently recovered.

This table is for sale direct from the owner, if you are interested in this table contact us, the price does not include dismantle transport and re-erecting.

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Precio: Llamar

(9) Ref: EGU 24 - SAM Bison American pool table :: SOLD

:: SOLD :: This is a second hand 7' SAM Bison American bar pool table, this table is like new... although the cloth has very slight signs of use. The table is complete with pool balls, triangle and 4 cues.

This table is for sale for a very good price of 1800 Euros, new this table costs 2900 Euros.

We will transport and fit this to the Fuengirola/Marbella/Mijas Costa area for 90 Euros as long as it is located on the ground floor and has simple access.

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Price: 1800.00 Euros

(10) Ref: EGU 34 - 7' Sanchez Sierra American pool table :: SOLD ::

:: SOLD :: - This is a used Sanchez Sierra 7' American pool table. This is the LUSITANIA model... table and in very good condition, cushion ball responce is good and the table is in good condition.

The table is located in out store and is currently dismantled but can be viewed.

This table is for sale direct from the owner, if you are interested in this table contact us and we will pass your number on to the owner.

The price includes a brand new granito green American pool cloth on both the cushions and for the slate bed.

Price does not include any transport or erection, if this is to be transported within 20 Klm and does not have to be taken up or down stairs then the cost to transport, erection and level would be 550 Euros

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Precio: Llamar

(11) Ref: EGU 5 - 7'Supreme Prince in Mahogany :: SOLD ::

This is an imaculate 7' Mahogany coloured Supreme Prince table with coin mech and burgandy cloth... that is in fairly good condition as it was recently recovered, this table is an ex profit share table and looks like a new table. You don't come across pool tables in this condition for this price very often, it is a great buy that should not to be missed.

Comes with a 12 month guarantee.

THIS TABLE WAS SOLD on November 7th

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Price: 1200.00 Euros