We pride ourselves on how we look after our pool and snooker tables. You may have found that many other pool table companies have the '2 Step' service call! they take the money and they are gone! Do not let your pool table operators lack of interest in keeping your table in good condition cost you money, our profit share service calls consist of a '10 step' service that we do every time we call to service your table... in fact, we valet your table on every service call!

The logic is simple: A pool table that is looked after well will attract players... people will play more on it making the table take more... so you earn more money. If you want the best for your business then call Mike on: 609 504 427

The 10 steps of our service calls are as follows:


Hi Mike,

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you for doing such a great job, the table looks fantastic.

I cannot tell you how refreshing it is to meet someone who runs their business professionally and efficiently here.

Anyway, thanks again.....

Mrs. N. G.
Sotogrande, CDS

I have played in the Nerja League for a few years now and have to say what a difference your well maintained tables have made to the standards of play and enjoyment over this last year, long may you prosper...

Mr. B. R.
Nerja, CDS

Great dealing with you Mike,

Its so refreshing to order a product, get a quote and a date, and then receive the product at the quoted price on the date agreed.... Thanks again

Mr. B. J.
Marbella, CDS


Just a short note to let you know how delighted I was with the work you did erecting the snooker table. All I need now is the time to use and enjoy it!

Mr. M. W.
Urb. La Zagaleta,
San Pedro, CDS

(Step: 1) Cleaning the pool table light

One of the first things we do when we arrive to do the service on your pool table is we clean the table light 'if your table has one'. This will not make your pool table better to play on but it is something that we feel important as a dusty light can look awful over a pool table... as you will probably have seen if visiting many of the bars with pool tables on the coast.

We also make sure the bulbs are all OK and change any that may have blown, we generally use low consumption bulbs for our table lights.

(Step: 2) Brush the table cloth & clean the pockets

We brush down the cloth and cushions... properly. We also clean any marks from the cloth as best as possible at the same time using a cloth cleaning spray for this purpose.

After the cloth is brushed down we then clean/brush out the inside of the table pockets. This step helps to avoid ball runners inside the table from clogging with grime, it also helps keep the balls cleaner and helps prevent the dust being carried into the ball mechanism and adding grime there which can eventually lead to problems.

(Step: 3) Check the cues and tips

We check cues and the tips of any of the cues, replacing and/or repairing those that need attention.

We should mention that we also supply 2 to 3 good quality one piece snooker cues with most of our tables, we also re-tip these if and when needed.

(Step: 4) Remark the table cloth

After the table cloth has been cleaned we re-draw the baulk line on the cloth if it needs done, we also replace the black ball spot if needed.

(Step: 5) Iron the table cloth

If your table has a napped cloth as most English pool tables and snooker tables generally have then we will iron the cloth to push down the nap after brushing.

This is done with a special 'Dowsing' iron made for this purpose, you will probably have noticed very few companies other than ourselves do this.

(Step: 6) Check the level

Every service call we check the level of the table with a special engineers level (not a builders level). It is important that the table is level, if the ball rolls out of line or players miss shots because of a table that is not level then they will probably not be happy customers.

(Step: 7) Clean & polish the table

After all the brushing and ironing is done we then clean the table body, legs and top frame with a damp cloth to remove grime build up and greasy finger marks along with any chalk dust build ups from chalk holders that has gathered on the decorative beaded surround of the table, we then polish the surface of the table when needed.

(Step: 8) Clean the pool balls

Generally after a week or two the white ball can do with a clean, we do this on most of our service calls and we use a ball cleaning polish made by Aramith to do this. We will also check any of the coloured balls at the same time and will wash the full set of balls periodically or exchange them with a professionally polished set prepared in our workshop.

(Step: 9) Clean the ball drawer and mechanism

When the table has been fully cleaned outside we then clean the ball tray and check the moving parts of the ball mechanism, this will include a small spray of oil when needed to make sure that dust does not clog up the moving parts.

The scum that gathers here contains acid from peoples hands which was picked up with dust from the table taken into the table by the balls, this gathers up over a short period of time and damages the Aluminium parts and tray of the table. It is important this is removed regularly or the damage done can create problems in the future, maintaining the pool table is important to keep it problem free.

(Step: 10) Do the paperwork

Finally we do the paperwork with the bar, this is generally the one and only step that most other pool table operators seem interested in doing! in fact many don't even give you a receipt.

We give you a receipt that shows the total earnings and the money split along with the counter numbers so you have proof and a record of what the table earned between the last service call and this one.

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